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Sound live

Sound Live Recording Studio specializes on audio production complex services of any format and purpose. Whether it is an accompaniment for a commercial, performance or movie soundtrack or even a simple gift-song, we can be there to help you. All projects are carried out under the strict guidance of professional sound directors, composers and arrangements.


Service description:

  • Song recording

    We have an individual approach to every vocalist – voice preparation before recording, correction of tonality and work on common sound flow. So referring to us you can be sure that you will receive a high quality product.

  • Audio advertising

    We create an advert which sounds and sells! Our creative group generates an idea, writes a text, sound producers and announcers make your idea real.

  • Dubbing

    We provide professional dubbing of movies and videos.

  • Sound Design

    We create special effects, sound elements, elaborate an overall sound concept – we can make anything.

  • Integration

    We use up-to-date technologies of processing for sound installation and integration.

  • Mastering

    The product sounds more professional, saturated and volumetric after mastering.


Examples of our work

Our contacts

Address: Yunusabad district, Kurgan 3 street, 3, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Phone: +998 78 150 84 84

E-mail: sound@upc.uz


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