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Video production

Unique Present Production House can make real any idea. We always offer you several ideas at option and then you will get script and further steps of video postproduction. As a result – we provide you not only with a complete product but also with a good mood! At the start, you will be offered several ideas, draft script, description of shooting phases and information about all technical opportunities of our studio which we can provide you.


You may get in Production House:

  • Development of an original script
  • Shooting of any complexity at the highest level
  • Preview storyboard of future video
  • Montage of video according to agreed script and idea
  • Post production: video will be filled with visual and sound effects, computer graphics and additional images
  • Color correction supporting the unified color of the whole video

Our contacts

Address: Yunusabad district, Kurgan 3 street, 3, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Phone: +998 78 150 84 84

E-mail: media@upc.uz


your creativity with us

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